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(Lone Star) - DE March 29th - 30th ECR

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    On paper, Eagles Canyon Raceway is a bit of a yawn... Turn 3,6,9 and 11 all look very similar. The reality could not be further from the truth. One is flat, the other enters from uphill, the other enters from downhill and the other is well... a freakin roller coaster.

    The track is hard on brake - more on that later, but fairly gentle on tires. The track is a tarmac surface with some very unusual camber, with some corners being off camber, and others forcing you to pass over camber in the corner, making it well... interesting.

    On track it is fun fun fun, but off track is scary. There are rocks and gulleys and all sorts of nasties waiting for you, though conservative driving will allow you to stay safe and have a lot of fun.

    Overall, I really like this track. It is deceptively good. In my AP2, I only need 5th gear once and all other shifting is predictable and easy between 3rd and 4th. AP1s will only need 3rd and 4th. There are a couple of areas where corner exit is greeted by uphill, so the S struggles, but for the most part, the S is a great car for this track. Overtaking space is ample, predictable and well spread out. DEs made easy. The off track conditions are definately not DE friendly though.

    Food at the facility was great and the corner workers wer exceptional...

    DFW crew: You are lucky to have this facility in your area.

    As for the brakes... I crakced a rotor during the morning Sunday session. This was a huge disappointment considering that we only had 3 instructor sessions on Saturday. My day was done ...

    A big shout goes out to David, who had his wife drive to his house (she was already on her way to the track) and bring a spare set of rotors to the track for me. I am VERY grateful to you. Thank you.

    A second shout goes out to AC, who did my brake job for me while I was with students. His Sunday was quiet and I appreciate him doing that for me. AC if you hadn't have done this I wouldn't have left the track until 6:30... Thank you.

    Great meeting all the other S drivers, Dan and Randy and S2kmess (even though he was in his wife's Ford )...