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Lets talk meeting up before hand

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  • Lets talk meeting up before hand

    Hey all

    So who is going.

    I am already signed up for Gratten on sat and G-man on sunday. I will drive down from GB on Friday and meet whomever
    friday afternoon for the drive over there.

    So, who when and where.
    All I know for sure is Harry and Brad going. What about Urmil and Jeff?
    I figure we would stay at S. Havens guesthouse friday night and get up early for Gratten then come back sat for sundays event. I haven't reserved a room yet. I have a friend coming down with me. Not a girl though, still dry in that area. I am waiting for my mail order girl to arrive. I believe she's stuck in customs somewhere.

    I will be trailoring again. So I have some room if someone needs it.

    I'd like to get together friday around 4-5 for the drive over. But I am open.

    What'll think?


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    I'm going and trailoring from the Northen suburbs.

    The way to go is down 294. Trust me.

    So, we could meet somewhere around here for dinner and then hit the road? I agree on just staying at the Guesthouse friday and Saturday night.
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      I think that I'll be there (like 100%). So, I'm in for Friday night. I'll be staying at South Haven because SpeedTrial is having a lapping day there on Saturday that I'll attend before my event.
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        I'm planning on going to the SpeedTrail event on Sat. I'm not sure if I'll be going down on Fri night or Sat morning.

        Right now, I am trying to convince my parents to come out. Not just to watch, though. But to also drive. :LOL: My mom will co-drive the BMW with me and my dad wants to drive his Corvette.

        I think the more formalized way that Speedtrial does instruction will be more helpful to my parents which is why I'm running on Sat. I also said I would help Brian out as an instructor before I knew Harry was sponsoring an event.