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  • Now this is cool...

    We are on Laguna Seca's website for our event in I just thought I'd post the link!

    Also, we're looking for someone who would like to design the event t-shirt, so if you have these kinds of skills, let me know by email.

    Also, I'm working on bringing in an outside company to handle all the instruction and managment of the event...stay tuned for that. I had a long conversation with them today and it looks like an EXCELLENT deal. The cost for the event should be about as much as I have been saying, ~300 dollars. But as I have said, it's because of a Sunday and in the middle of Summer. So that hasn't changed...just wanted to confirm that with you guys.

    Can't wait until June...!
    "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
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    I also had a question. We have the option of setting the event up in a few different configurations. The one I am leaning toward is having instructions in the AM, have lunch, then have a timed challenge in the sessions just after lunch. The company that I am talking to about outsourcing everything does it just like that. This should satisfy just about every type of need...

    I will be emailing everyone who went to our day there last year about this shortly with a link to this thread. Your input will guide how the even plays out...

    "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
    --Rush, 'Anthem' on Fly by Night - 1975


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      Two things:

      1) Not that I'm suggesting that you don't do timing, cause I wouldn't go to a track event myself without it, but.....Many auto insurance policies will cover you at a track but once timing comes into play the policy is void. At the very least, if you decide to have timing, inform the participants that they should read their policy or check with their agent so they know what risk they are at from an insurance standpoint.

      2) I don't know how this group you're working does the timed challenge, but I've been out with the Porsche Owners Club and they devote the majority of the afternoon to timed laps where there are only a few cars on the track at the same time so everyone gets a couple of very clean laps. It eats up a lot of time. They usually get one HPDE session after lunch and then start the official timed laps around 2:00 in the afternoon. Each car only gets two clean laps for their timed runs. So there's a tradeoff if this group works similarly.


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        I've been to track days with timed afternoon sessions - it sucked for track time. It just eats time.

        For $300 - I want as much track time as I can get. Although, I don't think I would pay $300 for one day at the track.
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          That is a concern of mine, as well - eating valuable seat time. And at about 300 bucks, we may opt just to have sessions like in the morning. The recipe that I described was just a suggestion, not saying it had to happen like was just to get the idea out there that we have options.

          The company that I am talking to is Northern California Racing Club. Their website is:

          The NSXCA has used them in Northern California and came highly recommended to me by the folks out will take a lot of pressure off of the organizers and allow us to join in the fun more than last year. We would work closely with them and everything, but all the details would be handled by them...

          Anyhow, I haven't had time yet to email all the folks who were there last year, but will try to do that today and get everyone's opinion on how to handle the event. I'm just glad to have the ability to have an experienced group handle it.

          "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
          --Rush, 'Anthem' on Fly by Night - 1975


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            My two cents:

            I'd like to see as much track time as possible while keeping run groups to a manageable size. Laguna Seca is not exactly in my back yard, and I don't think I'd bother making the trip for limited track time. Timed sessions would be fun, but that's not the format I'm interested in for this particular event.

            With a format similar to the last time (as far as track time) I'm in for sure. I've already requested the time off.


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              Great to hear, gut tells me that will be the direction that most people will want it to go. I think that since it's not just any track, having the most seat time will be the priority, as opposed to having timed laps/challenge.

              Good to know you've taken the time off...this is going to be a great time.

              "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
              --Rush, 'Anthem' on Fly by Night - 1975


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                Go the route that gives maximum seat time ........ people can bring Hot Lap Timers if they want lap times and people with insurance worries don't have to "know" there's any timing going on.
                From my experience, if the seat time is maximized, the hard cores will get plenty of "clean" laps toward the late afternoon as people get tired (or have near death experiences) also as tires and brakes go away.
                I believe this format is the best compromise for all factions involved


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                  I like the idea of timing, but not if it limits track time. I'm not sure if it has to. I've been to a few Speedventure events, and it seems that there were about the same amount of car on the track as at last years Laguna Seca event. But if the timed sessions are limited to just the afternoon, then it would mean only half the time to get clean laps. On the other hand, I'm not sure if Laguna Seca is the best place for first timers to be running hot laps.

                  One way to do it is to not allow timing in the beginning group at all, but allow timing in the other groups all day. This will probably save some ones sheetmetal, but the beginning group may feel excluded. One possible way to keep adrenalin in control is to allow timing in the beginner group for those who choose to (for insurance reasons), but keep the timing secret until the end of the day, so no one will feel that they need to get that last 0.1 sec to move up a place.

                  It's a toss up for me. Safety (mainly for the beginners) vs the excitement of the challenge series.

                  And for those first timers, I was a first timer at last years Laguna Seca event, and I had a blast even without timing.

                  Either way, I will be there.


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                    How ya doin man? Long time no see . I think what they're referring to above is different than what you've experienced with Speed Ventures as far as timing goes. As you've seen at SV events it's hard to get clean laps. Some groups do things a little differently. They will still allow timing in all sessions as SV does. In addition, they will set aside part of the day to only allow a few cars on the track at a time for a couple of laps, spacing them out far enough that they should not catch up to each other in that amount of time. This guarantees everyone a couple of clean laps. The flip side is that since there's only 4-5 cars on the track at a time everyone else is sitting around not getting track time. At the POC events I went to they'd start the dedicated timing laps at about 2:00. So after 2:00 your time on the track was limited to 4 laps - 1 warm up lap, 2 clean laps, and a cool down lap.


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                      Strike, I'm doing good. Have to love this SoCal weather. I understood the layout, but I'm against any format that will limit the time on the track. For $300, I would like the priority to be maximum track time, and timing secondary. Yeah, I guess I've been lucky at the SV events. I do get slowed up once in a while. The last event, I was probably in the middle of the intermediate group, about as many passing me as I was passing. Obviously, the fastest ones in each group will get slowed up the most.


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                        Hi Everyone!

                        My name it Troy Allison, and I'm one of the guys representing the Northern California Racing Club -- Greg's considering us as the event organizer for your June 1st Laguna event. I've been browsing some of the threads about Laguna, and there are lots of questions and some emerging concerns -- I wanted to offer myself as a lightning rod Let me say, I'm excited that we may have a chance to hang out with you guys, at one of the best and beautiful tracks in America! The time of the year is PERFECT -- it'll be 95' in Sacramento and other parts of CA, and high 70s/low 80s at Laguna. You folks have a awesome date -- Greg did good!

                        Might be good to give you some background on who we are, and what our philosophy is. First, our focus is on safety first then a close second is fun. We live off of feedback from our members -- in otherwords, very customer driven. The NCRC has been around for going on 2yrs, and we've hosted 11 events in that time, continually improving each event. We have 7 more events planned this year, and a few that are in the works that aren't published (yet). My point is we are a moderately new club, relative to some others in NorCal, but have a solid base of experience. In those 11 events we've managed to maintain a perfect safety record -- there's a dash of luck, sure. But there are certainly some things which can be done to greatly reduce risks, which we put into practice at the track. Our goal is to have cars and drivers go home in the same condition which they came.

                        The format we run is a HPDE, trying to maximize track time. Laguna has on track car limits, which will have to be accommodated in the schedule and limits the time on track if we have a large turn-out. Which leads to the Time-Trial question. Seems there are some pro TT, and con TT. We have TTs at our events, we like it and it's lots of fun, but we're careful to limit the time it consumes for the non-TT drivers. One format is to occupy a run session with a TT. Here's the schedule we used for our last Laguna event, so you can get an idea of the total track time and format. It's probably worthwhile to hold a vote on TT or no TT -- can do a poll, but it's up to Greg/S2K members on how you want this handled. TT is certainly one option that can keep the event entertaining. Read my comments on insurance before deciding. Below is the schedule we used… doesn't mean we can't adjust for the needs.

                        We've spoken with two underwriters, in great detail (State Farm and Allstate) about insurance coverage a year ago. The bottom line is coverage exists UNTIL the event gets competitive. So, going to an event like what S2K is about to hold, your insurance covers you like it would at a 'high performance driving school', but the minute *you participate* in any competitive exercise, your coverage is waived - at least with Allstate and State Farm. I would assume this would be generally true with other companies. Some companies will offer daily coverage for such competitive circumstances, but there's a price. I've heard of other clubs in the last month having members needing to make claims from a HPDE incident, which were fully honored.

                        IF you decide to participate in the optional but competitive portion of the day, aka Time Trial, the likelihood that your insurance will NOT cover you is probably very good. Every person should check with his/her own insurance company for specific information - the above is just what we were told regarding our own vehicles. We also suggest looking into "umbrella" insurance policies, to cover you from a broad set of potential situations you might run into with your car, not just those on-track collisions.

                        Most of the folks we see participate in the TT don't push their cars. They drive at 8/10ths. It's a fun thing vs a competitive thing, meaning nobody wants their car wrecked so cars/drivers aren't really being pushed harder than the normal sessions… and we don't allow novice drivers to participate in the TT. We can give more details on the attitude of the Tters if you like.

                        Sorry for this being so long… I can get chatty. Too enthusiastic, I suppose.

                        P.S. At our Sears event last Saturday, had a chance to drive in a S2K as an instructor. Great cars!

                        A = Advanced B= High Intermediate C = Low Intermediate D= Novice
                        TIME A B C D
                        7:15 AM REGISTRATION OPEN
                        8:00 AM DRIVERS MEETING - ALL DRIVERS
                        9:00 AM TRACK CLASSROOM
                        9:23 AM TRACK
                        9:46 AM TRACK
                        10:09 AM TRACK
                        10:32 AM TRACK CLASSROOM
                        10:55 AM TRACK
                        11:18 AM TRACK
                        11:41 AM TRACK
                        12:04 PM LUNCH
                        1:04 PM TIME TRIAL
                        1:34 PM TRACK
                        1:57 PM TRACK CLASSROOM (optional discussion)
                        2:20 PM TRACK
                        2:43 PM TRACK
                        3:06 PM TRACK
                        3:29 PM TRACK
                        3:52 PM TRACK
                        4:15 PM TRACK
                        4:38 PM CHECKERED FLAG


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                          Guess the schedule's columns didn't show correctly when posted vs how it was displayed. Notice the TT is run in the early afternoon, before folks start getting tired. It consumes the time of one run group, which is less than two mins off of each run session for the day, or about 8 mins per driver impact. Most novice drivers will find the track time sufficient and will be tired by the end of the day. People who drive in the TT will basically get their 8mins back and then some.


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                            Thanks for stopping by, Troy, glad to have your input here. I don't want to have too much say/input, in as much as I want the people who are attending to have their input. I'm not sure if I'm going to be driving my car there, even. I may rent something out there, but it's not likely that I will make the journey in my car, but I do have a good friend who will be towing his car from Green Bay for this. Last year we had folks from Texas, Chicago, all up and down the West was great. But the event should be guided by the members and folks who will be paying the good money to attend.

                            That said, I think we learned a bit last time and we can (and will) make this year safe, fun and educational. I would like to have download sessions be mandatory for at least the Beginner's Group. This will give the new folks valuable feedback and make subsequent sessions safer.

                            Check out this page about the event on our site here...


                            I wrote that a while back and includes some of the things that should be different based on feedback from our event out there last year.

                            Good to see the discussion going, it will make the event that much better...!

                            "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
                            --Rush, 'Anthem' on Fly by Night - 1975