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  • LS Schedule?

    I like Laguna and am considering attending but try as I might, I havent' been able to decipher what the schedule is for this day.

    Using this as an example, can we see the current plan? Before signing up, an attende would want to know how much track time they'll get, if and when timing will be available, and who they'll be sharing the track with. Those are the three "make or break" pieces of information and they don't seem to be available in one concise place. I may have just missed it.

    Thanks guys!

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    Good question, jzr. We don't have a final-final schedule yet, mostly because we don't have closure on whether we're doing a time trial or not. So here's a schedule from one of our previous events, that'll be very close to what we run on June 1st.

    You can see we're setting up for 4 run groups, each having 4 25-minute sessions. Each group will have a maximum of around 20 drivers, depending on the general balance of driving experience that signs up. We run the groups like clockwork, with zero down-time between sessions. The above schedule has a TT event, and my recommendation (from the relatively low interest on that thread) is that we NOT do a TT, and allocate that time back into the rest of the run groupings. NCRC can do it either way though, you guys pick which. If you do the TT, of course the folks participating in TT have 5 sessions.

    As far as who you're going to be running with, it's of course your S2KCA friends, and we haven't opened the doors yet to NCRC membership. You can see all the NCRC members at but since we're not accepting registrations yet, I have none signed up.



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      Don't be fooled by the lack of posts on the TT poll thread, Dave. There simply aren't alot of people that post on any of these threads, so it would be a mistake to assume the lack of posts indicates a lack of interest. Besides, there's still alot of time before the event, with a corresponding number of fence-straddling procrastinators (like I usually am) I'm sure.


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        Good point, there's still a long ways to go before we really need to decide on TT. We've done them for a while at our NCRC events, and have a large demand for them. They're fun, but sort of polarized between the folks that love them, and the folks that won't touch anything that might be an insurance issue (which TT is).



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          On the topic of racetrack insurance, someone once advised me, "If you can't afford to wreck your car, you can't afford to be on a racetrack." I race anyway.


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            Thanks for the info Dave. Couple thoughts-

            If you're going to have transponders it's silly (at least in my mind) to not have them available throughout the day. The best times are going to be turned when it's cool in the morning, not warm in the afternoon and drivers are stuffed with fattening trackside food. Those using their times as a meter of improvement have a very small window to work in.

            My suggestion is we make transponders for the day optionally available to A and B group drivers. Also that you send A group out first, then B,C,D. That is assuming some of the A group folks will be instructing the C and D groups - gives them time to cool off before hopping in the novice's car.


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              Hi Jason,

              Folks with the timers can run them all day - any group. We're only officially timing the laps during the TT (assuming we do it), so that's the only set of laps that would "count" in the TT. But if you want to track every lap throughout the day, for your own purposes, you absolutely can do that.

              We send the groups out B,A,D,C so that the instructors can continue to meet as a download with the D group (instruction group) after they come in. If A ran right after D, all the instructors would want to leap out of the students' cars and go drive. We've done this a bunch of times, it does work...