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To Harry and all participants...

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  • To Harry and all participants...

    So any pics?

    I know I don't have any...

    Anyone else? Anyone catch a pic of Ralph's killer Viper? Of CBender ripping it up with Harry's car? How about meat's Exige getting swallowed up by Ralph or CBender in Harry's car playing around with me while Harry was riding in my car?

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    Great event - everything from karts to 650hp Vipers!

    Sorry - I forgot my camera so no pics.

    Ralph's car is amazing and he is a great driver.

    Thanks to Harry and all those that helped out with the event.
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      Well, some pretty neat things happened at Mid-Ohio on Friday.

      In the "high on the list" category.
      Lindy Lehr stepped into the Registration Desk and Grid Manager's job without any prior experience to fill a last minute gap in our event team and did a magnificent job. The event would not have come close to meeting expectations without her. I am forever in her debt. Thanks Lindy.

      Another "star of the day" was Ralph Giles. Ralph's management of his section of the Driver's Meeting and Classroom were stellar. Ralph is taking up a medium term role for Daimler-Chrysler that will prevent him from contributing his first-class support to future events but, hopefully, will re-join us if he's not running the company by then. Thanks pal, you will be missed and I hope that we can keep in touch.

      Nick Wong also stepped up to fill another last minute gap by pitching into the Registration Desk work.

      On a personal note, I had the great pleasure to finally meet, co-drive and share bread with cbender. I'm so impressed with him, his driving and his commitment to supporting "club" events. Moreover, he offered many times over to roll up his sleeves to contribute to making things work and did so admirably. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this first meeting. He's a take-charge guy when you need it. I'm honored to have had this meeting.

      Also high on the list were significant contributions by Ryan Tait, Lawrence Mansier, Brad Stahl and Joe Goetz for stepping up to take last minute assignments as instructors. That speaks volumes about that sort of folks that form NASA (Lawrence, also lead the pace laps for us.), Ganly Honda (Joe) and our participants.

      So, thanks to the contributions "above and beyond the call of duty" from those mentioned above, we had a great event. I can't tell you how pleased I was at the final result.

      We were blessed with a dry day following pretty substantial rainfall on the prior day. The track was essentially dry with a couple of notable exceptions. The only one that really bothered me was the state of affairs in the first chicane. MO needs to address this drainage problem. I was a bit surprised that we had standing water there all day.

      The track itself has been significantly improved at the corners according to those of us with substantial prior experience there. The concrete portions of the track have been machine leveled and finely scarified. While one may anticipate more tire wear from the scarified texture of the concrete, the grip is substantial. In a couple of places I did feel a little disruption on transition from concrete to asphalt but not quite as much as experienced by the more finely tuned suspensions like the Exige.

      I’ve now driven seven tracks to the east of the Mississippi and agree that Mid-Ohio deserves a very high place in that ranking. You cannot fall asleep there. Even the long straight requires attention to gain the most from it. While the rhythmic nature of the track contributes to helping you stay focused, you must manage entry and exit from each turn very finely. There is a price (time) to be paid for even moderately sloppy driving at Mid-Ohio.

      We were not able to use certain facilities, like a classroom, due to prior commitment to the Mid-Ohio Driving School being run at the same time on the autocross sites, but all in all, the facilities are “better grade.” The paddock and roads actually had better drainage than parts of the track to disburse the water from the prior day’s rainfall.

      I have my issues with track management for not telling us that we were not permitted onto the track during the lunch hour, for upping the garage rental rate on the day of the event from $50 to $75 and for not having all of the cones placed properly as we had agree on the prior day.

      The good part is that it did not significantly detract from the overall result of the event, having a lot of good fun and good learning.

      Thanks very much to those who participated and contributed to this successful event
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        The track is tough on beginners and people new to the track (like me). The track is really nice once you get the line. The line is very important at this track with all of the turns that are strung together.

        Lots of concrete walls at the track so I don't think it's a very good track for beginners. There are very few places you can make a mistake and be safe from hitting something. Gingerman and Grattan are really nice in this respect - lots of runoff room.

        The other issue I had as Harry mentioned was the surface transitions. This was problematic because as I was learning the line and trying different car placements I would also have to deal with different surfaces as well. The difference of having two or four wheels on concrete is quite big. Some of the off-apex concrete was interesting for me as well as hitting this concrete (track-out of T1 for example) would unsettle the car slightly as I transitioned on to the concrete that provides more grip.

        Overall - great track that can really jump up and bite you if you make a mistake.
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        Please note that my posts are not personal attacks - they are my observations/opinions - your opinions may vary.


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          Glad you guys had a safe and fun day out there. Wish I could have made it, but I had professional obligations (those pesky things!).

          Congrats to all who helped make it happen...

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            Huge thanks to Harry for putting the event together and to S2KCA for sponsoring the event. I had a great time, and it was really a treat to meet some of the long-standing figures in the community.

            My "take" on the track is that it's one of the most interesting and technical tracks I've driven. It's certainly more entertaining than some of the more famous "gotta-drive" tracks like Laguna. I found it reasonably forgiving with adequate run-off in pretty much all of the places you really need it, save Turn 11 (the right-hander leading into the Chute). It's also a track that rewards preparation, as opposed to courage, and one that requires a lot of thought in order to deal with subtle camber, pitch, and pavement variations. I really enjoyed Mid-Ohio, and it's a track I'd be delighted to drive again, if circumstances permit.